Rj-7600 Energy Meters

The Rj-7610 Single Channel Energy Meter works with a variety of probes – pyroelectric, silicon, and thermopile – to measure true energy per pulse from single-shot to 40 Hz, picojoules to Joules, UV to far-IR. Sets of 10 or 100 pulses can be statistically analyzed (mean, minimum, and maximum energies, standard deviation), and data can be transferred to computer via the IEEE-488 GPIB computer interface or using the 0-10 VDC analog outout.

The Rj-7620 Dual-Channel Energy Meter accepts two probes and simultaneously displays the energy incident on Channels A and B, as well as the realtime ratio of Channel B/Channel A.

Key Benefits
Uv to Far-IR; pJ to Joules
Single or Dual Channel
Statistical Analysis Package
GPIB Computer Interface

Brochure Rj7600.pdf




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