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Laser Probe manufacturers a complete line of Laser Power/Energy Meters and Radiometers based on Pyroelectric, Semiconductor (Silicon, Germanium, InGaAs), and Thermopile detectors. This comprehensive product line measures lasers from the UV to far-IR, continuous wave and pulsed, pW/pJ to kW/kJ - regardless of your light source we have an instrument to meet your needs.

Our product line can be divided into six categories - Universal Radiometers (which measure both power in Watts and energy per pulse in Joules), Power Meters (Watts), Energy Meters (Joules), Power Probes, Energy Probes, and the Electrically Calibrated Pyroelectric Radiometer primary transfer standard. A brief description of each category follows… click on the appropriate link to get more detailed information and data sheets for the individual products.


Power and Energy Meters Go
Our Universal Radiometers are available in single and dual channel versions, these exceptionally versatile instruments feature both power and energy measurement, high-speed computer interfaces, on-board statistical analysis of pulse sets, and support for the widest variety of probes. The Rm-3700 is the ideal instruments for a multi-purpose optical laboratory.

Energy Meters Go
The Rj-7600 Series energy meters, available in both single-channel and dual-channel versions, measure the true energy of individual pulses up to 40Hz. Real-time ratioing, statistical analysis of pulse sets, and an IEEE-488 GPIB computer interface are standard.

Power Meters Go
The Rk-5700 Series power meters are the most sophisticated power meters available, featuring synchronous detection ("lock-in amplifier") technology, an IEEE-488 GPIB computer interface, and multi-probe support.

Energy Probes Go
Designed for use with the Energy Meters and Universal Radiometers, the LPI Energy Probes cover the broadest possible range of wavelengths, energy levels, and pulse repetition rates. Pyroelectric (flat and cavity), Silicon, Germanium, and the industry's only large-area InGaAs Probe insure we have a instrument to match your application.

Power Probes Go
LPI offers the widest variety of power probes, based on Pyroelectric, Thermopile, Silicon, and InGaAs detectors. Industry firsts include the RkP-575 Cavity Pyroelectric Probe for synchronous detection and the RkP-485 large-area InGaAs Probe for near-IR (eyesafe) power measurements.


ECPR System Go
The Electrically Calibrated Pyroelectric Radiometer (ECPR) is a NIST-recognized, radiometric transfer standard. Based on synchronous detection and proprietary electrical substitution measurement techniques, the ECPR offers ±1% absolute accuracy measurements from the visible to mid-IR.

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