Rk-5700 Power Meters


The Rk-5700 Series Power Meters accept a wide variety of probes – pyroelectric, silicon, and thermopile – enabling them to perform absolute radiometry, total laser power (cw and average), and irradiance measurements from the UV to far-IR, pW to kW. Integrated lock-in amplifier circuitry allows for synchronous detection of chopped optical signals, improving both S/N ratio and background rejection. The dual channel Rk-5720 simultaneously measures Channel A, Channel B, and the ratio B/A. An IEEE-488 GPIB computer interface, Analog Outputs, Background Cancel, and Autorange are all standard features.

Key Benefits
pW to kW; UV to Far-IR
Synchronous (Lock-in) Detection
Single and Dual Channel
GPIB Computer Interface

Brochure Rk5700.pdf


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